Chroma P14-C Type 301 Knife Block Solid Wood


Knife-Block, rubber wood, for 5 knives

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You have now picked out some really good cnives, and they will need to be stored according to how you are planning to use them. On this subject, we and our distributors have thought long and hard.

The loose storage of cooking cnives in a drawer can damage the blades when they bump against each other. The cnives begin to lose their edge, and besides, reaching into a drawer full of cnives is not entirely without danger. In other words, not a sensible solution. We recommend either a cnife block or a good magnetic bar. With cnife blocks, it is important to be sure that when you put your cnife away, it is not bumping against anything that could blunt the blade. The block should be completely made of wood or a premium quality synthetic. With magnetic bars, it is important that the edges are rounded, so as not to unintentionally damage your blades. The magnets should also be particularly strong, so that your cnives don’t fall down accidentally. Always remember to clip the back of your cnife.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 12 in


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