Professional Culinary Results
In Your Home

Creating memorable dining experiences for your guests requires training, the best ingredients and seasonings, practice and the best tools.

In addition to private classes, Chef Rathbun can help you acquire the tools and flavors you find in his restaurants – some at surprising discounts!

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Chef Kent Rathbun Seasonings

My collection of seasonings will help you bring mind blowing flavor to your cooking.
The easiest way to bring restaurant quality results to your home kitchen.
Order these seasonings and step up your game.

Hestan Culinary
Hestan Culinary

Hestan Culinary provides the first innovation to stainless steel pans in 100 years.
The NanoBond titanium pans are in my opinion the best pans on the market.
Use code “chef911” at checkout.

Chef Kent Rathbun Sauces

My NEW BBQ sauces simply cannot be compared with anything on the market.
Don’t let dry meats get you down,
these sauces bring unique flavor to anything from diet foods to family dinners.


Looking for a gas powered grill?
Lynx has the best selection of gas powered grills and outdoor kitchen equipment.
For my home, Lynx is the only choice.

Chroma type 301 knives

Chroma type 301 knives designed by Porsche for everyday use.
You’ll never buy another set of knives again!

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is one of the best kamado style hardwood charcoal grills in the world.
The choice for novice grillers and pros alike.
My personal choice when I want to roll smoke.

Timber Stoves Pellet Patio Heaters

Pellet Patio Heaters brings performance and style into one great product. Providing head to toe heat using Eco-friendly wood pellets as fuel.
PROMO Code CHEFKENT for %15 off!

Scott Harben
scott harben | photographer/director

Scott Harben is a certified professional and I trust him with all of my photographic needs. Scott will not disappoint.

Falksalt sea salt

Falksalt sea salt has many different flavor profiles to fit your culinary needs.
A necessity for every household.